Convid-19 and Graphic Design (2020)

Design in 2020 Convid-19 Few months ago, all countries around the were urged to adapt new hygiene conditions and close all land frontiers to keep every individuals safe. Till today, thousands and thousands people around the world are being infected. Initially, people were reluctant to adapt the measures that their government put in place and some were not even taking the pandemic seriously.  To help reduce the risks of being infected, graphic designers around the world, started regularly promoting these messages and help people understand for the better the dangers that the pandemic represents. These designers used combination of both texts and illustrations to help citizens adapt these new hygiene conditions by means of web-banner, billboards, posters and broadcas t adverts.  The messages that were conveyed were simple and pretty straight-forward, like regularly washing hands, regular use of hand sanitizers, stay indoors and so on. Making use of illustrations to alert individuals were